Bronze Membership

Earn 2% from all referral bet

  • From 0 to 15 ref
  • Silver

    Silver Membership

    Earn 4% from all referral bet

  • From 15 to 45 ref
  • Gold

    Gold Membership

    Earn 6% from all referral bet

  • From 45 ref

  •   Competitive Rate
    We provide one of the best affiliate program from 2% to 6%
      More earning opportunity
    When you reach more referral your affiliates level and earning will increase
      Auto Withdraw
    Auto withdraw are issued 3 times everyday to reduce the holding of your gain
      Low Minimum
    The minimum withdraw is only 0.005 BTC
      Earn multiple time
    When a user visit your affiliate link we store a cookie, you can earn multiple time after several weeks
      Instant Conversion (All in BTC)
    If a user bet with Litecoin or Dogecoin you will receive the equivalent bitcoin value(using the latest exchange rate)
      Detailed stats
    When you signup you have access to the affiliate dashboard containing all the detailed stats abour your referral bet and earnings
      Wide Selection
    We provide banners in differents size and promo material made by graphical designers
      Anonymous Signup
    Sign up with just your Bitcoin address and password

    Sign up with just your Bitcoin address